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Building a robust and secure app is a challenging journey. We will be your navigator!

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We are Offensive, Proactive and Pragmatic

Go beyond Vulnerability assessments and Penetration tests! Our multifolded security assessment helps in strengthening your apps against latest and most lethal attacks. We provide end to end solutions to make your app secured!

Scoping and Standards

We spend time with your CXO's to help you define right process to secure your app. We create a roadmap for your app security and its standards.

Competencies identification

Before starting any attack on your apps we identify core competencies that help you grow. We plan our attacks to hack your competencies.

No service disruption

We ensure your operations are not disrupted due to our extreme attacks. We perform lethal attacks but won't disrupt your core operations.

Business logic flow tests

Your business logic is checked to identify security bugs and critical flaws. We try various attacks to test your business logic.

Global testing standards

We cover top global security standards like OWASP top 10, WASC and OSTMM for every app.

Vigorous offensive testing

We not only cover a plethora of security standards but try to break your app apart and test it's resilience against latest threats. We go beyond VAPT.

Executive and Technical reports

Our reports are simple to understand yet very comprehensive. We provide both management and technical reports seperately.

Bug fixing assisstance

We help you fix security bugs! And it's free consulting!

Zero false positives

We provide proof of bug, exploitation steps for your critical and high severity bugs. If we report it as a security loophole, it will be! No false positives in our reports.


Happy Customers

Enterprises, Fortune companies to Startups. Your size doesn't matter, only your app


Apps tested

Web apps, Mobile apps and Native apps


Security Bugs fixed

It's not how many bugs we find, It's how many we fix!


Hall of fame

We participate in bug bounty programs and entered their hall of fame boards in many brands

Our clients' security is our success

Some clients that count on us


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