Comprehensive Cybersecurity

As certified cybersecurity experts, we’re dedicated to providing military-grade cybersecurity services and advice to protect you and your business from cybercriminals.


Our team of security experts monitors your infrastructure 24/7/365, to quickly identify and neutralise assaults. To provide you with full protection, we combine industry-leading incident response and forensic capabilities with the strength of our SIEM systems.

  • 24x7 Security monitoring
  • Threat Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Compliance management
  • Security Testing


We deploy and monitor settings to establish baseline behaviour for your systems, allowing us to recognize and respond to potential threats ahead of time. Should your business suffer from a data breach or cyber attack, our IR team is equipped to help you recover, fast.


Our cyber forensics service protects your systems from cyber threats by automating intrusion detection, taking corrective action, and providing evidence for legal action. Our framework allows us to track down cybercriminals with ease.


Our Threat Hunting service uses sophisticated algorithms to detect and stop attacks in real time. We investigate every incident thoroughly to eliminate false positives and identify new attack patterns. Our dedication to continuous learning and threat intelligence keeps our clients one step ahead of cyber threats

Why Entersoft

Another reason to choose Entersoft Security

AI/ML security platforms and tools are great, but what’s better? A highly trained team of industry experts and White Hat hackers using tried and tested proprietary tools to cover all bases. Man and machine, we’re here to anticipate, prevent, and resolve your security issues

Cybersecurity Reimagined

We stand tall, bearing a strong message to the world: there is no one better prepared, no one better experienced, to defend your digital world. This is cybersecurity reimagined, fortified by military might and strategic intelligence. Your defense against the digital unknown begins here.

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